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Pistol Workshop Series

Our workshops help expose responsible gun owners to the skills necessary should they ever need to deploy their firearm in self defense.

Guided Range Experience

Let us educate you on range etiquette and coach you in a semi-private range experience. 

Vehicle Defense

Learn this critical skill in our unique training environment.  You can't do this at a typical range!  

Concealed Carry Course

Complete the educational requirement before applying for your permit.  Our course goes beyond the basic certification requirements and delves into the real world defense skills needed, should you ever need to utilize your firearm in self defense.

Unarmed Defense

Learn to be prepared wherever you go, without relying on a traditional weapon.

Advanced Pistol Series

Move beyond the basics and acquire advanced firearm skills.

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Training for when your life depends on it!
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Guided Range Experience

This workshop is perfect for the new gun owner or anyone interested in learning the basics of pistol shooting.

Target Acquisition Wkshop

Students will perform basic and advanced drawing techniques from various positions to enhance their target acquisition skills.

Vehicle / Night Fire Tactics

We're pleased to announce the latest in TIG's Law Enforcement Series. Please check the list of courses for the civilian equivalent.

Tactical Intelligence Group - Training Division


In an industry which is too often unwelcoming to those with little or no prior experience with firearms or self defense skills, Tactical Intelligence Group provides a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental environment in which everyone can learn the skills necessary to defend themselves from a violent attack.

We work with each student to find the best defensive strategies for them, regardless of their age, gender, disability, or personal situation. We have a wide range of personality types within our pool of highly skilled, certified instructors, so we are well equipped to match the right instructor with each student. In addition to offering a wide variety of classes open to the general public, we also provide private individual and group instruction.

Our certified instructors have many years of experience teaching both law enforcement agencies and civilians, across our great nation. Our backgrounds vary, allowing us to pull from various forms of martial arts, military / law enforcement / special forces training, private security and surveillance, competitive shooting, and other real-world experiences to provide our students with the most practical skills and information to prepare them for any situation.

Our goal is to engage our local community, educate law abiding citizens on the safe handling and proper use of firearms, and empower those who choose to take ownership of their own self protection.










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