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CCW Program

To better address the training needs of the standard Concealed Handgun Permit Holder, we have announced a three tiered program designed to quickly assist you in gaining necessary skills.

Advanced Pistol Series

Move beyond the basics and acquire advanced firearm skills.

Practice Workshops

Hone your skills in our unique training environment.  You can't do this at a typical range!  

Combat Rifle Series

Our newest training series helps you progress quickly from the basics through advanced rifle skills, and then into areas such as partner and team tactics.

Specialty Courses

From self defense seminars, to tactical medicine courses, to force-on-force training, we're Southern Ohio's #1 source for specialized defense education.

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Training Division
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Reality Based Training

Reality Based Scenario Training is the future of personal combat training for law enforcement, military, and civilians.

Tactical Rifle Series

We are pleased to announce our new Tactical Rifle Series, taught by a Marine Corps Combat Veteran and former SWAT Team Leader!

Target Acquisition Wkshop

Join us to help hone this essential skill needed by all those who choose to carry a handgun for self defense.

Tactical Intelligence Group - Training Division


Our team of certified instructors are prior law enforcement officers and self defense enthusiasts who advocate the right of private citizens to protect themselves.  In support of that right, we provide a broad spectrum of educational opportunities, from martial arts and self defense classes, to concealed carry education, to advanced defensive pistol skills and beyond.

Our instructors have many years of experience teaching both law enforcement agencies and civilians, across our great nation. Our backgrounds vary, allowing us to pull from  various forms of martial arts, military / law enforcement / special forces training, private security and surveillance, competitive shooting, and other real-world experiences to provide our students with the most practical skills and information to prepare them for any situation.

Our goal is to engage our local community, educate law abiding citizens on the safe handling and proper use of firearms, and empower those who choose to take ownership of their own self protection.










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